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Do you have a new project in mind? Learn about the services Reviving Homes LLC provides. We are ready to help turn your idea into a tangible and successful project. Contact us for more information.



The United States and  U.S. Friendly Countries

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Marc’s innate ability to see the real issues associated with multi-family properties allows

him to be creative and cost effective in the due diligence process to maximize investors returns."

Management Consulting


Strategic Planning 

Property Management 

Project Management

Formulate budget analysis for 1, 5, & 10 year outlook


Provide ROI analysis


Assist in developing depreciation schedules, based on owners business model  


Maximize revenue within your multi family portfolios


Reduce operating expenses by 7% to 15% with in first 5 years 


Perform physical inspections of existing properties


Analysis building infrastructure 


Analysis site infrastructure 


Review property condition reports and develop action plan


Review environmental reports and develop action plan


Provide request for proposals


Contract scopes of work 


Create emergency response plans: fires, hurricanes, floods, 


Hud, affordable housing and tax credit experience 

Assist with Re- syndication of affordable properties 

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